Test and Analysis

• Aoya International guarantee high quality, consistent products ~ we partner with only the best growers that pass our rigorous background screening and 3rd party auditing processes.

• Our dedicated staff has over 10 years of buying experience with our growers ~  we know when and where to buy to get the best price for our customers.

• Before any ingredient becomes a part of our inventory, we perform product analysis for volatile oil content, color, granulation, moisture and microbiological levels. In addition, products are regularly tested by outside certified laboratories. Certificates of Analysis and other Certificates of Compliance are available.

We have an extensive list of analysis we perform on our products depending on the criteria of the product, including:

Moisture Color Analysis
Total Ash Curcumin Content
Acid Insoluble Ash Scoville Heat Unit
Volatile Oil Bulk Density
Sieve Analysis Microbiological Analysis

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